Gestalter is a free vector drawing program. The user interface is loosely modelled after the famous Illustrator (tm) by Adobe. The central element is the Bezier curve used as a base part for almost every other object. Complex paths are possible, compound paths can be constructed, grouping of elements is enabled and everything can be screened by a mask. Multiple layers are possible, one can choose between two display modes: a antialiased and a wireframe one. The native storage format is a subset of SVG, printing output is Postscript. You can place pixel images and transform (rotate, skew, scale, etc.) but not edit them (use GIMP for editing pixel image data). You can open the Postscript output of gestalter in GIMP to use your drawings on The Net.
Gestalter is heavily depending on libraries. Most of them (libgtk+ 1.2, libgdk 1.2, libglib 1.2, etc.) are part of Gnome 1.x (I'm using version 1.4), but some are not that common. You have to have installed (in addition to the standard gnome libs) gtkmm, gnomemm (gestalter is written in C++), gdk-pixbuf, libsigc++ (which is part of gtkmm AFAIK) and the libxml2 library by Daniel Veillard.