Version 0.7.6 released (2005-05-09)
First release after a long pause brings a new morph tool to calculate transformation steps between two objects. Lots of bugs got fixed.
Version 0.7.5 released (2004-07-22)
Display performance has been enhanced by only drawing the relevant stuff. Some bugs got fixed.
Version 0.7.4 released (2004-06-28)
The control modifier can now be used to change handles using the bezier tool during drawing. Printing of TrueType fonts is possible. When closing a document the application is checking now for unsaved stuff and warns. Bug fixes in gradient and pattern display.
Version 0.7.3 released (2004-06-18)
Alignment and distribution got it's own dialog. A whole menu, PathFinder, with 8 different functions to combine or split objects into new ones based on viewability has it's first appearance. A bug with empty lines in the text tool is fixed now.
New serbian translation by Boban Petrovic. Volunteers for more translations?
Version 0.7.2 released (2004-03-31)
Every bezier object can now be converted into a guide, an object which acts like a magnet on all it's bounding lines. Ruler units can now be changed using a popup menu for the document or in the preferences dialog as a preset. All number entry fields in dimension dialogs accept the units "pt", "pica", "m", "dm", "cm", "mm", "inch", '"' (for inch) and "ft" after the floating point number and converts the entered number accordingly.
File path arguments on the command line are opened now.
Several memory leak got fixed and some display bugs won't show up again too.
The german translation was updated. Does somebody volunteer for other translations?
Version 0.7.1 released (2004-03-23)
This release adds patterns to the possible fill attributes. You define patterns the same way as a rectangular mask: Arrange your pattern content, draw a rectangle on top of it, select the rectangle and the content a hit 'new' in the patterns dialog.
Version 0.7.0 released (2004-03-08)
A gradient editor is now available. You can then assign a stored gradient to any object you want and transform it with the new gradient/pattern fill tool.
Please provide feedback if you encounter any bugs or instabilities.
Version 0.6.9 released (2003-12-31)
Text objects can now be centered or right adjusted. A memory leek in text handling got fixed. A first german translation is included (more languages will be added as soon as I get the translations, volunteers please write me).
Please provide feedback if you encounter any bugs or instabilities.
Version 0.6.8 released (2003-11-24)
A new preferences dialog was implemented, preferences are written to file now. The XML parser changed from "expat" to "libxml2". Reading of font data got a cache so subsequent calls are much faster now if lots of fonts have to be parsed.
Version 0.6.7 released (2003-10-25)
The properties dialog now shows stroke options (dashed lines, line caps, line joins) which are fully supported (incl. printing). Several nasty bugs were eliminated.
Version 0.6.6 released (2003-10-16)
New function "Create Outlines" for text objects. Graphic attributes can now be applied to text objects as well. A bug, introduced in release 0.6.5, disabling the bezier handle movement was fixed (thanks to Wojciech Halicki for reporting).
Version 0.6.5 released (2003-09-19)
I finally got undo/redo working, though it's not yet as smart as it should be. Most tools have numerical parameter entry dialogs if the first click is done with Alt key pressed. Some bugs got fixed too.
Version 0.6.4 released
Copy and Paste is usable in graphic and text mode. gestalter has a layer dialog now. One can add layers and remove them, hide and redisplay them. The selection color can be specified for each layer. Lots of bug fixes.
Version 0.6.2 released
Text properties are editable now (finally ;-). Text should be usable in this release although text graphic properties (color etc.) still cannot be changed. Printing of text works for Type1 fonts.
Startup is slower (especially on older gcc 2.95 systems) because all Postscript fonts get parsed on startup, some kind of caching for this needs to be implemented.
Version 0.6.1 released
Printing is working now (to printing command as well as to files), saving/loading of text is possible but text properties are still not editable.
A few bugs got fixed also.
Version 0.6.0 released
The first public version has basic bezier curve editing features. Masking, compound paths and grouping is implemented. Transformation tools (rotation, scaling, skewing) are working. The text tool is only experimental, as is the postscript printing.